Hauling Materials Is The Bread & Butter Of Circle M Landscape Supply

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Our drivers are experienced and skilled in their ability to squeeze into tight areas. We deliver beauty bark, mulch, premium organic garden soil, topsoil, sand, gravel, boulders and aggregates to commercial and residential locations. Our trucks come in a variety of sizes when hauling materials with the largest capacity trucks being capable of hauling up to 25 tons, or 20 yards per delivery. There is a 3 yard or 3 ton minimum depending on the type of material. Typically soil, sand, and bark are measured by the yard. Decorative rock, gravel, and boulders are measured by the ton. 

Need gravel spread down a driveway to minimize the back breaking labor? Most of our dump trucks have the ability to spread gravel or rock down a long driveway or parking area. We are the best in the business when it comes to the perfect gravel spread job, but there can be limitations. Over head obstacles and tight areas can make the spreading of materials difficult. We cannot guarantee a perfect spread in such circumstances. Please take into consideration that power lines and tree branches with minimal clearance may obstruct the truck bed from raising high enough for gravel to evenly distribute out the back tail gate. 

We have two convenient locations with a typical delivery range of 15 miles, but there is no limit to how far and wide we will travel. In most cases, materials can be dropped off in the driveway, in the street, or dumped on a tarp in the front yard. When the driver calls, please provide detailed instructions of where to dump and have the site prepared to receive materials. 

Give us a call to schedule a delivery, or place an ONLINE ORDER today! If you have questions about your landscaping project or need assistance calculating the volume of materials needed for a specific area, our expert staff can help you 7 days a week throughout the Spring, Summer and Fall (winter hours may vary). We also have a handy dandy Area Calculator located RIGHT HERE on our website!

Thank you for choosing Circle M as your #1 landscape material supplier!