Belgard Pavers & Hardscapes

Have you been looking for Belgard pavers and hardscapes for your landscaping needs? Circle M now carries Belgard products! You can now purchase select products online with the purchase of landscaping materials. We’re so excited to offer our customers more ways to create gorgeous landscapes. Currently, if you do not also have landscaping materials in your cart, you won’t be able to purchase our Belgard products.  If you’re interested in purchasing a Belgard product by itself, please stop by our office.  

Belgard Belgian Cobble Dark Charcoal

$4.95 Per Square Foot

Belgard 60mm Dublin Cobble Circle…

$7.45 Per Square Foot

Belgard 50mm Lafitt Rustic Slab…

$5.25 Per Square Foot

Belgard Holland Paver Rio Blend

$4.25 Per Square Foot

Belgard Lafitt Grana Slab Victorian…

$5.25 Per Square Foot

Belgard Patio 4 Cobble 16…

$7.50 Per Square Foot