Beauty Bark & Mulch

Spokane Bark

Looking for beauty bark & mulch for your next landscaping project? You have found Circle M Landscape Supplies, the best buy on bark in Spokane. We have beauty bark by the yard and playground mulch for the kiddos. One big benefit of bark is that it’s easy to manage and provides excellent moisture for your yard in the hot summer, while also insulating your plant roots from the cold in the winter. As a home and garden DIY-ER, you only want the best landscaping supplies for your project, and we have the landscaping materials you need to get the job done! 

Fresh Red Bark Fines

$40.95 Per Yard

Large Nugget Bark

$58.95 Per Yard

Dark Bark Fines

$45.95 Per Yard

Playground Mulch

$50.95 Per Yard

Small Nugget Bark

$64.95 Per Yard

Medium Fine Red Fir

$38.95 Per Yard

Medium Shred Red Fir

$36.95 Per Yard

How Do You Choose The Best Beauty Bark For Your Landscaping Project?

This decision comes down to personal preference in the color and size of the shred you’re looking for. Each type of beauty bark has its own character, and will change the style and mood of your landscaping project. That’s why we offer it in a variety of different colors, from dark to brighter reds. If you’re having a difficult time picking out the right product, stop by our yard or give us a call at our office, we’re more than happy to help.