IceKicker Blue Salt – Bulk

ICEKICKER® is a high-performance de-icing salt product that is designed for melting ice and snow in winter road maintenance. It’s produced from brines from the Great Salt Lake in Utah and is treated with a proprietary liquid enhancer to improve its effectiveness under challenging winter conditions. Here is a breakdown of its chemical analysis:

  1. Sodium Chloride (NaCl):
    • Typical: 97%
    • Minimum: 92.0%
  2. Other Components (Calcium Chloride, Magnesium Chloride, Potassium Chloride):
    • % of Total: 1.5%
  3. Moisture:
    • Typical: 3%
    • Maximum: 5.0%
  4. Water Insolubles:
    • Typical: >0.02%
    • Maximum: 0.05%

This product has a high sodium chloride content, making it effective for de-icing purposes. It also contains a small percentage of other chloride compounds, likely to enhance its performance in melting ice. It is designed to work in challenging winter conditions and meets the requirements of most local and state public authorities.

$220.00 Per Ton

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