Medium Fine Red Fir

Are you looking for beauty bark for a new landscaping project? Not only is bark excellent for mulching and retaining moisture, but it helps to tie your entire landscape together. Our red fir is shredded more finely than our medium shred red fir, and can add gorgeous contrast to grass, plants, or decorative rock. If you’re looking to create a fresh and inexpensive garden path, or raised bed, beauty bark will quickly liven up any space. Our medium fine bark is also very attractive in landscape beds and nature scapes. Red fir is a standard for decorative bark since it maintains color longer than most other bark products. It’s best to lay down beauty bark in early spring or late winter, but you can lay down beauty bark anytime of the year as long as the soil is moist. We recommended applying a layer of at least 2 inches to prevent evaporation from the soil. Vibrantly colored and offered at a competitive rate, it’s no wonder why our medium fine bark is our best seller! For a finer shred, we also offer fresh red bark fines. Order online today and get your delivery scheduled. We always deliver quality landscaping products.

$38.95 Per Yard

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