Ice Bite Deicer 50lbs Bag

Ice Bite Deicer – 50 lbs Bag

Key Features:

  • 25% Reduced Corrosion: Ice Bite Deicer is designed to be 25% less corrosive than standard deicing products, preserving surfaces and structures.
  • 49 Bags per pallet.
  • Commercial-Grade Visibility: This deicer boasts a commercial-grade quality, ensuring high visibility for effective deicing.
  • Lower Melting Point: Ice Bite Deicer operates at colder temperatures than traditional rock salt, enhancing its ice-melting efficiency.
  • Environmentally and Pet Friendly: With a focus on environmental responsibility, Ice Bite Deicer is formulated to be environmentally friendly and safe for pets.
  • Surface Safety: Ice Bite Deicer is gentler on concrete surfaces, minimizing potential damage.
  • Laboratory Tested and Proven: The product’s effectiveness is verified through rigorous laboratory testing.
  • Exceptional Cold Resistance: Ice Bite Deicer effectively melts ice down to an impressive -15 degrees Fahrenheit, ensuring optimal winter performance.


$14.95 Per Bag

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