Backyard Patio Projects

Looking to build a new patio but don’t know where to start? Circle M has essential construction materials for patio projects. For paver and flagstone patios you’ll want to start with a base layer of crushed minus gravel. Consider the compaction rate when ordering your gravel and tamp down before installing sand. Coarse sand is the material to use for laying pavers and the suggested depth is around one inch of coarse sand. We do not carry jointing sand for pavers. For concrete work we carry a concrete mix that just requires Portland concrete to finish the mix. An installation of gravel base is recommended for most Northwest installations to handle the ebb and flow of our fluctuating weather patterns.

Circle M now carries a variety of Belgard products for your patio needs. Choose from a variety of pavers, fire pit kits, and so much more! Shop our Belgard selection today.