How To Create a 3 Season Garden Bed


As most of us in Spokane and North Idaho know, spring and summer pass by too quickly. While we all love the color and the exciting landscaping projects that we delve into during those warm seasons, what about the rest of the year? How can we create garden beds that keep gorgeous color during the colder seasons?

How To Create a 3 Season Garden Bed

Step One

Pick a spot in your backyard that gets lots of sun to maximize plant growth. This can all be done DIY style! If you don’t already have a garden spot, simply create a design using chalk or a garden hose.

Step Two

Once you have the design that you want, take a shovel and remove the turf. It can be relocated, or it can be used as compost.

Step Three

Remove all of the rocks underneath, and then level and smooth the area to place your wall blocks on.

Step Four

Apply 1 inch of bedding sand for your landscaping paver base.

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Step Five

Simply stack your pavers to the desired height that you want.

Add Soil

Add garden soil for your plants and flowers and to give height to your garden bed.

Add Plants Or Seeds

Transplant your plants or flowers, or plant seeds. For a garden bed that stays colorful in all three seasons, here are some recommendations: 


  • Tall yellow flowers: Daylilies
  • Tall orange flowers: Asiatic lilies
  • Purple flowers: Salvia
  • Red flowers: Roses
  • White flowers: Daisies
  • Pink flowers: Hydrangeas