What Type Of Gravel Should You Use For Your Driveway?

Do you need new gravel for your driveway? Circle M highly recommends either our ⅝ Inch Minus, or our 1 ¼ inch minus spec gravel for the best pack. Pea gravel will work for driveways, but it doesn’t pack down as nicely. 

⅝ Inch Minus 

“Minus” rock is great for driveways because it contains crushed fines and dust. For this reason, our ⅝ inch minus gravel is also excellent for areas that get lots of foot traffic. 

1 ¼  Inch Minus Gravel 

Our 1 ¼ Inch Minus Gravel contains rock that is slightly bigger, but will work equally as well for your driveway. 

Choosing between these two types of gravels will come down to color preference. Our ⅝ Inch Minus Gravel is dark gray, while our 1 ¼ Inch Minus Gravel is a much lighter, semi-tan with white and light gray gravel. 

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