Choosing The Right Beauty Bark For Your Landscaping Project

Beauty bark (also known as decorative bark), has multiple benefits for your garden, and is highly versatile. Home and garden DIY-ERS can use beauty bark for big landscaping projects, or simply to make their home gardens or pathways look more attractive. 

Circle M carries several different types of beauty bark. If you prefer vibrant, red tones, Circle M carries Medium Shred Red Fir, Medium Fine Red Fir, and Fresh Red Bark Fines. 

The difference in our Medium Shred Red Fir, Medium Fine Red Fir, and Fresh Red Bark Fines is the size of the shred. Each shred size will provide the same excellent benefits for your soil and garden. We also carry Dark Bark Fines if you prefer a darker, earthy tone for your landscaping projects.

We also carry Small Nugget Bark and Large Nugget Bark for a different aesthetic look. 

Our beauty bark can be ordered by the yard right from our website. 

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When Should You Apply Beauty Bark 

Beauty bark should be applied when your soil is nice and moist, preferably late winter or early spring. However, you can apply beauty bark anytime of the year, as long as the soil is moist. You should apply a minimum layer of 2 inches to prevent evaporation from the soil. 

Benefits Of Applying Beauty Bark 

Beauty Bark not only makes garden beds or pathways more attractive, but it’s a miracle worker when it comes to retaining moisture and slowly improving the structure of your soil over time. Beauty bark will also suppress weed growth and act as a protective, insulating layer in the winter. 

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