5 Tips To Create a DIY River Rock Flower Bed

The smooth texture and color variety of river rocks make them a great choice for flower beds. They’re also perfect for diy projects because there’s practically zero preparation involved; most river rocks come ready-to-use. Creating a stunning river rock flower bed is easier than ever and can look great for years with a little maintenance now and then. Check out these 5 tips on how to make the best use of river rock in your landscaping design.

Use Compatible Plants 

River rocks are best paired with plants like succulents and cacti who don’t need moisture around the bottom of their stems. That’s because river rocks tend to drain water quickly, so you’ll want to avoid using plants that need a lot of sitting moisture. They also reflect the heat from the sun, so only using plant species that can handle all that heat is important. 

Line The Bottom With Landscape Fabric 

If you skip this step, you’ll end up with a bunch of weeds that found their way through the crevices of your river rock. Taking the time to cover the base of your flower bed with landscape fabric is a simple solution that will save you tons of time and hassle down the road. You can easily use some landscape fabric staples to keep the pieces together.

Include A Variety Of Rock Sizes 

The beauty of river rock is the versatility in size and texture. Using different sizes in your flower bed creates more visual appeal and can draw attention to your desired focal points. They usually range in size anywhere from ⅜ inch to 5 inches. Use smaller ones for paths and larger ones for borders or accents.

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Let The Eye Wander 

When designing your river rock flower bed, it’s important to break up the space by leaving most of the rocks exposed. Having too much foliage and greenery can make your flower bed appear chaotic. Planting intermittently among the rocks gives the eye a chance to wander and identify more details. 

Give It An Earthy Appearance 

To give your planting bed a natural look, be sure to use a variety of plants with different heights. Placing smaller plants in front and larger ones toward the back creates a striking opposition, while adding a water feature gives the space a more tranquil vibe. Or you can skip the water entirely and just form the river rock into the shape of a stream that curves beautifully around your plants.

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